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13 July 2008 @ 07:45 pm
so I saw Mindless Self Indulgence again...  
this was back in May. I know, I've waited a long time to post about it, but I graduated the day after, and went to Europe for a month two days after that. but I have to share...


Mindless Self Indulgence
21 May 2008
Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ

warning: pictures and a long ass rant under the cut.

so after seeing MSI at Projekt Revolution last summer and becoming a big fan in the following months, I was definitely very excited to see them again. Plus it was a pretty sweet sendoff before I graduated.

the first opener was London After Midnight. they were pretty much awful. they hardly moved at all, and their lead singer was probably the least charismatic person I've ever seen on stage. they mostly relied on their long hair, makeup, and bondage outfits [WHAT] to make them appear interesting, and projected ~socially conscious statements onto a screen behind them in an attempt to appear relevant/provocative. My dear friend Lydia voiced what I was thinking - they reminded me of Ours, a band we saw when I took her to see Circa Survive. Ours opened up for Marilyn Manson's last tour, if I'm not mistaken, which got me thinking that London After Midnight might have been a better choice for an opening act. Then I realised - they were trying to be Marilyn Manson. Even if they had succeeded at being strange and provocative, they're just not interesting enough to be MM's successors. Bottom line: shitty band.


up next were The Birthday Massacre, who showed everyone that night what a real band looks like. I would like to see them open for MCR, just to see the clash of the cult-like fans. they're really dedicated and adorable. anyway. TBM are a fantastic live act. they're all really into their instruments and parts [hence it was impossible to get a decent picture of them], and their frontwoman, Chibi, is equal parts adorable, talented, and energetic. she manages to both bounce around the stage and give a spot-on vocal delivery. my only complaint is that many of their songs are very similar sounding, and I have a feeling the experience of listening to them at home wouldn't be nearly as satisfying.


and finally... MSI.

[I was on the barricade in front of that the entire time. hate me. fucking hate me. - hence, most of my pictures are of her. XD]

see, as a live act, they're a bit of a conundrum. most of their music isn't done live - which was my complaint the first time I saw them. anything electronic is done on a backing track, and Jimmy Urine cares more about performing than delivering his vocals as well as he does in the studio.
this aside, this was probably the most fun I've ever had at a concert.
considering the band members themselves contribute about half of the actual music, they all put on a great performance - especially Jimmy and Lyn-Z. Jimmy keeps everybody laughing their asses off in between songs with skits and observations.
"There is no reason to live... unless you have an Xbox. Or a modded PSP."

and... well, we all pretty much know I have a hard on for Lyn-Z, so we'll leave it at that.

Steve stopped by!

I would later get a much better picture of Jimmy.


so, that night just happened to by Lyn-Z's birthday. she had balloons and poppers, which she threw into the crowd. of course one landed just opposite me in front of the barricade, and Lydia, being the awesome friend that she is, begged the security guard to pick it up for me. it now sits on my dresser ^^

awesome show, awesome setlist.
then Lydia and I decide to go stalking.
so maybe 15, 20 feet or so from the tour bus area, there's some barricades set up. we make it just in time to get right up front to see if anybody decided to come out.
we're not waiting too long when we see a spiky silhouette walking towards us...

which was indeed Jimmy Urine.
[Lydia, Jimmy, me.]

he signed my ticket stub and Lydia's tshirt. [he drew a mustache on his own face on the shirt. XD] one girl asked him to sign her boobs, which he just doesn't do. so he signed her ass instead.


so Jimmy's making his rounds when I start talking to this kindofolder lady who's standing next to me. I find out her name is Amanda and she runs the Arizona MCRmy's MySpace. soon she figures out that I'm an MCR fan too, and says, "Oh, did you see Gerard?"


"Yeah, he was standing on the side of the stage for like, four songs!"


my mum fully believed that Gerard was going to be there. I was like pshwhatevermom. and of course I didn't suspect anything when the venue people played "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" by the Smiths over the speakers inbetween sets. [for those of you who do not know, that is a) my favourite Smiths song and b) the song that MCR used to come out on stage to during the Revenge days. moving on.]

I'm just standing there, staring at the tour buses, trying to cope with the knowledge that my lord and saviour IS TWENTY FEET AWAY FROM ME IN A VAN, PROBABLY HAVING BIRTHDAY SEX WITH HIS WIFE. THIS IS A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE THING TO GO THROUGH AND I DON'T WISH IT ON ANYONE.

so Jimmy's still out, talking to the fans, and I'm still waiting and hoping that Lyn-Z would come out. let me clarify one thing: I had no hopes of seeing Gerard that night, even after I learned he was there. I really just wanted to meet Lyn-Z, because she's so awesome and such an inspiration too me and she's really fughshkjchvbing hot.
finally, a female figure does emerge, but it's MSI's drummer, Kitty. she was very nice to everybody and even talked to one of Lydia's friends over the phone for a few seconds.

Kitty, Lydia, me.

so, Lydia, knowing just how much I was dying inside, asked Kitty in her sweetest, most high-pitched voice if there was any chance of Gerard and Lyn-Z coming out. In a vaguely sarcastic voice, Kitty replied, "Well, Lyn-Z might come out, but I think Gerard's on vacation." UH HUH RIGHT.

and, dear fucking god, Lyn-Z finally comes out.
I see her silhouette for one second and I scream her name as loud as I can, causing everybody to notice her and follow my example.


and she turns around and goes back to the bus.


a few weeks later, I would find something that would make me feel even worse about this situation.
I managed to score my first ever issue of Kerrang! when I was in Italy and, joy of joys, it had a very nice poster of Gerard and an interview with Lyn-Z inside.


here's some of what she said in that interview:

I didn't stand out at all. I was the nerdy art girl in the corner and I was the total fat kid. I was huge and I was painfully shy... When I was in that shitty town, I was going to shows and watching boys have all the fun, and I never had anyone to look up to... It's fucked up that little kids want to come to my show to see Gerard standing at the side of the stage. And I don't want to have anything to do with it.., Every night I sweat, I hurt myself and I don't stop until the job is done because I want every little girl in the audience to walk away thinking that it's possible - that they can do this.

well, Lyn-Z, guess what? I am that fat girl with a bass in her bedroom who needs more role models. it's because of you that I still want to be a rockstar someday. and, yeah, I just happen to be a fan of your husband as well. perhaps I would never have heard of your band unless I had gone to Projekt Rev to see MCR, but I'm not an MSI fan because you married Gerard, or because I hope to see him at your shows. like I said before, I went to that show to see YOUR band and to hopefully meet YOU - not your god damn husband. would that have totally iced my cake if I had? for fucking sure.

but if you want to be an inspiration, try being less of a bitch.

my ticket stub. Jimmy signed it upside down, that's why it looks weird.

Shut Me Up
Lights Out
Stupid Motherfucker
Never Wanted To Dance
Pay For It
Capitol P
Evening Wear
Planet of the Apes
Straight to Video
I Hate Jimmy Page
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xenchantedbloom on July 14th, 2008 04:23 am (UTC)
N'aww, this whole thing just made me very sad. But, just remember you were lucky enough to go! I missed my stop and would've given a limb to see it. ^__^ Your pictures, especially with Kitty, are absolutely glorious. :D

one girl asked him to sign her boobs, which he just doesn't do. so he signed her ass instead.
LMAO. That's priceless. XD

Gah, she's so hotttfdshghghasfk
Stacie: BSG → gaius/sixoffcourse on July 14th, 2008 06:16 am (UTC)
WTF that article is not cool. what a biiitch :/